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to send his colleagues off with a message and a song. and a piece. of the joys of a civil rights or three you have to be the official end of the european i would have my colleague ginnell will sing a song for me she's up next with a business maybe szell's think a song for us thank you. so much of it. doing link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion from the news of these events and while with safety deputed comes much traffic up join us on facebook w forgot.
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i was issued when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room very similar it was hard i was sure that. i even got white hair. but jim language head nelda this gets me a little but you need to interact with the say you want to know their story. her finding and reliable information for margaret. the food. putting it on the new york stock exchange social scrapbooking company pinterest has the picture perfect a view on the stock market but it warns that it may never make money. off on the shelf outfitted with smartphones and good pay for china's social media savvy caution if those are. redesigning the industry. and collecting
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contractors that is destined for the dinner plate and for use in medicine one appetit. welcome to d.w. business i'm joined in berlin thanks for joining us the company about describes itself as a platform for inspiration had its first trading day on the new york stock exchange pinterest thought stocks surged more than thirty percent in its debut its valuation has been put at twelve point seven billion dollars the digital pinboard site dedicated to sharing pictures of food fashion and travel claims of more than two hundred fifty million monthly users it's the second biggest u.s. i.p.o. this year after a ride to hailing out lift went public last month like a few of its unicorn peers however it is unclear when or if pinterest will ever become profitable. yan's court to followed the i.p.o.
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for us on wall street high end so first lift now pin to rest another bellwether for how tech unicorns might perform as a publicly traded companies now what the picture is emerging for investors so far. well i mean especially if we look at the pinterest it's a good omen for all those i.p.o.'s to come probably early may we might see the i.p.o. of over so that would be by far the biggest i.p.o. in a years but you mentioned to live so we can't really judge from one day when a lift started trading weeks ago the stock also had a very solid first day of trading but since then has dropped to seventeen percent from its i.p.o. price but you did mention that pinterest is also not profitable but their loss is rather small with sixty to sixty million dollars in the past year lift in comparison last year had a loss of nine hundred million dollars but it was certainly is solid start and now
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we have to wait and see for the next couple of trading session if pinterest actually will do a bit better. pinterest of course not the only company making its debut today at the new york stock exchange the results of the video conferencing tech company zoom so what thirst option been like. well the reception was very warm and welcoming the stock of the room actually went up by good to seventy percent on the first trading session but there was a funny little mishap so some investors obviously got caught and confused because there is a company called zoom to good knowledge and this is a small chinese firm was a market valuation of about sixteen million dollars and some investors obviously got confused and started buying the stock of zoom to good knowledge ease and not of zoom media communications so obviously mistakes have been overall if we look at
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i.p.o. is that we've seen so far this year on average they've been up twelve percent still in general still a good market environment to get your shares listed at their new york stock exchange or the next day. a lesson in reading the fine print from the ends quarter there on wall street thank you very much. and now to some a sobering statistics from the international labor organization it's released a report saying that an estimated six thousand five hundred people die of work related illnesses every day one thousand perish and on the job accidents now the u.n. labor body is calling for a new standards for tech workers amid conditions projected to get even worse. this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world every year fourteen thousand workers in the many global mining industries dying on the job many more succumb to illness and disease caused by the unhealthy working conditions the international labor
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organization has been investigating just how dangerous work can be two point seven million people newly died because of their jobs and more than three hundred seventy four million people are living with different injuries and illnesses due to their job and most of the deaths are actually due to diseases that are attributes of will to work. in the more humane conditions and flexible hours in industrialized countries have their own dangers albeit rather different ones the ilo says they harbor completely new risks for workers. this continued connectivity working hours. are very bashing to the increase in circulatory disease respiratory diseases and other muscular skeletal diseases and psychosocial that includes the increasing use of industrial robots they can like in work tasks and improve safety but workers are often left feeling they have little impact on their own work the ilo says
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governments and employers need to look closely at standards here as well. if the internet is called the information superhighway well then i'd like it to me it's china's fashion influencers on a digital runway social media stars are calling the shots in asia as fashion capital shanghai among their most ardent followers are chinese and the hunt for luxury items. here in shanghai their top american designers latest collection is being presented to a select group of guests. and when john lowe was one of the most special neither a movie star nor a pop musician she's a k o o a key opinion leader on social media a fashion influencer. we kill whales have advantages we're faster we work with our phones and we post what we see directly and as private individuals we can get
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closer to people. when join laos study design she became a style icon through her instagram posts and fashion blogs hundreds of thousands of people follow what she wears and what she has to say about style issues. after an hour she's off to her next appointment. she travels the fashion capitals of the globe but she found shanghai the most exciting city of all. europe is highly developed in terms of fashion. but the pace there are slowing down . here in china we're very happy about that because we're facing a great future lots of unexpected great things will be happening here. next opposition up in the mall. can live from her work as
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a social media presence at the moment she takes care of all her business herself she'll even use a basement parking lot as a dressing room. ready for her next appearance global influencers like the thirty one year olds are not only watched by their own generation companies are also keen to identify them studies say that around a third of the world's luxury goods are bought by chinese and rising around four hundred million people in china are aged eighteen to thirty five more than the entire population of the united states and these millenniums are eager to consume not surprisingly says when gen low. in the west the older generations had a lot of luxury so it's not such a big deal for young people but that's not the case for china's older generation which is why were so eager to have it. when i was certain chinese influence in the fashion world will continue growing this year she's
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planning to launch her own collection of swimwear and the fashion will probably continue to be her own best advertising. hungry while one restaurant can offer you something fragrant and crispy supposedly cockroaches fit the bill breeders insists the insects are clean and tasty and are working with the shots. to make them a delicacy warning our report contains a lot of bugs. imagine having a million cockroaches in your home the stuff of nightmares but that is the case for being kind and he couldn't be happier as a breeder he sees them as his children he also thinks they're delicious. and. a lot of people think it's disgusting and call them pests were the ones that we promote here american cockroaches are in our hygiene ic environment the proper
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feed nothing synthetic we feed them corn flour fruits and vegetables so their medicinal value is also very high. low in. cockroaches have been a documented part of chinese medicine since the sixteenth century for their perceived detoxifying qualities and that's why last year lee was able to sell a ton of his dried insects to a pharmaceutical firm for ninety thousand yuan or thirteen and a half thousand dollars billy's passion project is to turn roaches into a delicacy that's why he's been working with the chef of a local restaurant in sichuan province. where there was a youngster though these are farm cockroaches not from the wild so there isn't any bacteria after cooking at a high heat it's fragrant and crispy. preserves up around thirty dishes a month to cockroach hungry diners you heard in by the claimed health benefits
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combined with such one signature spicy sauce after a few tentative first bites what they think. it's tasty and crisp and it's really nutritious. it's my first time eating cockroaches to kill the ones a sort of home but i think they're delicious. not bad for something that might otherwise have ended up on the bottom of your shoe. no thank you and that's it for me and the business team in berlin for more business news and features visit d.w. dot com slash business are follow us on facebook and on twitter all leave you now with this quick check on global markets thank you so much for watching.
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fenchurch the conflicts are confronting the powerful close atlantic treaty organization they chose as just private seventieth birthday but it wasn't a happy one my guess this week here is nato headquarters is rose got some of the feel demise ations deputy secretary general kofi now acknowledged the great so far
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as serious splits in its unity conflicts ofin sixty minutes. to something nice and i ask him to jurors are dealing with i mean there are killed many civilians in national coming committing my father while sometimes i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself at least totally sudden my life became malinche kind of song. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for minds. take place personally you went with the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. the us becomes more than football long line.
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here's what's coming up for the book loosely so much movement in the police to get this thing and the sentence whole sex here in this country take a look a little bit means for the type of place. the slum to sleep every weekend here conte w. . this is state of the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes so dad one week off to omar al bashir al steps protests just austin on the streets and they vow to keep demonstrating until the transfer of power from the military is complete . some people wanted the fall of both bashir as well he felt the gut.


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